Cakey Concealer?!?

If you're anything like me, you hardly sleep and the only designer bags you own are the ones you've concocted under your eyes. I've always been dark under my eyes... (classic trait of middle eastern descent!) I've tried so many concealers and layering and years ago finally learned the secret to battling cakey under eyes!


Hydration is the KEY to making your under eye concealer stick on, and last long! It also helps lay a base of softness to ensure your concealer will look as smooth and clean as possible. Purchasing the most expensive and luxurious concealers will do nothing if you have a rough or dry base to work on.

Mario Badescu sent me a bunch of products and out of all they sent, I LOVE their Hyaluronic Eye Cream! It is super lightweight- absorbing quickly into the skin without a heavy feel. It boasts the ability to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and help plump the skin around the eyes... (something I can attest to!) This cream is one of my personal favorites- and trust me... I have tried a LOT of options.

To all my sisters part of the raccoon/ football player/ no sleep club, I give you...

(This blog post is NOT a paid collaboration with MB.) 

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