Who the hell is "GLOSSIPGIRL"?!?

Who the Hell is "Glossipgirl"?!? 


For those of you who’ve followed me for a while, you know that my real name is Judi Gabbay. I’m a 20 something year old makeup artist originally from New Jersey and now in New York fulfilling my childhood dream of being a makeup artist.


The number one question I always get is how I came up with the name “Glossipgirl”. The truth is, a long time client and good friend of mine named Sarina Azizo had booked an appointment with me and texted me afterward to say thank you. “Everyone loved it!”, she texted me. It was about 2011 and Gossip Girl was on air at the time. I immediately texted her back in true Gossip Girl fashion, “Spotted. Sarina at (insert location here) looking gorgeous. What look will she rock next time? Find out next time. Xoxo, GLOSSIPGIRL” It just came to me. At that moment, she was my Serena Vanderwoodsen, and I was Gossip Girl, only… with a little change. Later that afternoon, I changed my instagram handle. A few people close to me at the time told me it was tacky, but I loved it anyways. I stuck with it, and it caught on. Clients now use terms like “I’m by Glossip”, or “I cant wait to get Glossiped!”. The name became its own brand, and I’m so grateful for the clients who keep the #GlossipLove going, as well as Sarina who is still a good client and amazing friend. 


I’ve always wanted to start a blog. My passion for beauty, skin care and giving girls the confidence they sometimes forget they originally had is what started me in this business. Sharing my favorite skin care products, makeup techniques and experiences in this crazy world of beauty is my goal! 


Stay tuned…




Judi Gabbay